Arclight Glassworks, Inc.

About Us


Arclight Glassworks is a full service decorative glass shop based in northeast Ohio. We specialize in original designs using traditional leaded-glass crafting techniques. Sandblasting, slumping and fused work are also available upon request. Arclight provides extensive repair work and restoration services as well for both residential and commercial clientele


For almost a century now, stained glass has slowly been relegated to simple tavern signs and cabinet doors. But at the turn of the last century, visionaries like Frank Lloyd Wright, Daniel Burnham and William Morris were using art glass as a major component in their architectural design. Large glass wall installations, ceiling panels and especially interior domes were the hallmark of the finest homes and private establishments at that time. Thankfully many examples of this kind of craftsmanship still exist.


The goal of Arclight is to reclaim the classic beauty of traditional stained glass design and present it as both a modern and exciting, high-end interior decorating alternative for people looking for something truly special and unique for their homes or businesses.

Call to schedule a free, in-home consultation for any of your art glass needs. (216)-533-4623